Maine coast, places to photograph

Anytime I am set to travel whether it is for business, family or pleasure, I do my best to google as many great photography spots as possible. Often it takes a long time to round up a to do list for photography. Here I do my best to distill down where I am excited to go do photography! I have yet to be to any of these places but I am excited from what I see on google!


1) Willard Beach at sunset.

2) Cape Porpoise is a better option for more harbory kinds of shots.

3) Portland Head Lighthouse. The sunrise at Portland Head for it's sheer impact and scenic beauty. You can photograph the lighthouse from both the north and south sides, ranging out on cliffs on either side or climbing down to the water among smooth boulders on the north side. (sometimes the gate is locked and you can't drive in but I think you can always get in early on foot).

4) Old orchard beach – great pier heading out into the ocean.

Getting out on the water

The Maragaret Todd in Bar Harbor is a classic Maine cruise on a large sailboat. The park service excursion and tour of Baker Island, which has a great view of the mountains on the main island looking north as well as some interesting features of the island such as a lighthouse and old cemetery..

Lubec is certainly amazing with West Quoddy lighthouse. On the grounds of the lighthouse are awesome trails with moss covered tree and bog with insectivorous plants. The working harbor in lubec is interesting as are the abandon buildings and the street art.

Cutler is one of the most fantastic harbors with lobster boats! View the harbor from both sides! There are trails on the other side that lead up the hill overlooking the harbor!


  1. The sunrise or sunset view of Camden from the Camden Yacht Club, and
  2. The Curtis Island Overlook of Curtis Island Lighthouse in Camden.
  3. Mount Battie is fun, but you'll get the feel of that if we go up Cadillac in Acadia.
  4. Beech Hill, a land trust preserve with great views of Penobscot Bay over open blueberry fields with a small stone cottage and living (green) roof at the top!

Bailey Island for both sunrise and sunset

Garrison Cove, Mackerel Cove, and the Giant's Stairs being especially interesting.

Lookout Point Harpswell is one of the best sunset locations in Maine.

Five Islands and Pemaquid are both classic sunrise locations, but I wouldn't skip them entirely for a sunset, as there are opportunities for nice light at those times as well. Five Islands is also a good sunrise spot and has great harbor vibes. The Pemaquid lighthouse is particularly good if you go down on the rocks to the right of the lighthouse. Look for leading lines in the rock pointing to the lighthouse. Also driving back, checkout the harbor with lobster boats on the right on 32.

Marshall Point Lighthouse, an awesome location with nearby Port Clyde harbor also worth exploring for sunset further down the midcoast.

Prospect Harbor, on the other side of Schoodic, is a beautiful little spot at the end of the day.

Acadia - Places to visit This is a short to do list from my research

Jessup path – beautiful boardwalk through the woods. This is especially stunning in fall. Make sure to stop and look at the small details

The tarn – Pools of water, lilypads and reeds. Especially cool in fall. Great water reflection shots. Arrive around 8 am. You are looking for sunlight on the mountain and shade in the water.

Kane path – similar to Jessup path

Beaver dam pond – great in the fall. Wonderful reflections

Jordan pond – classic picture of the bubbles (mountains). Astro photography (star circles)

Monument cove - just to the north of this cove is a parking lot. Stop there and follow the path out of the parking lot onto the rocks for spectacular sunrises.

Boulder beach – You can hear the boulders during strong waves. Arrive for sunrise. Establish a spot along the shore line (as the tide is going out!!)Use long exposure (15 sec) for dreamy water. Beware LOTS of people show up!

Otter point

Little hunter beach and hunter beach – little hunter is often missed. Just north of the beach and overlooking it are great rocks for sunrise

Bass harbor head lighthouse – classic and very busy

Schoodic drive – sunrise and sunset - a great place for pictures when stormy. Generally boring but great for bike rides. Very quiet.

Raven’s nest

Northeast harbor

Sunset in acadia -  ship harbor, otter cliff, beach mountain (nice hike), Eagle lake.

The carriage roads are some of the most interesting aspects of the park. I'm sure we'll be taking groups here, and we will be walking in. My favorites bridges are Waterfall and Hemlock, which are a nice walk in to and very close to each other, and Cobblestone Bridge, which is another nice woods walk in a different part of the park. I think the carriage roads give you a much better appreciation of the natural setting as well as provide a sense of adventure and accomplishment, even with the small effort it takes to get to them. I like to walk on them, but renting a bike can be a lot of fun, too, and in the winter I cross country ski on them.

On Mount Desert Island (Acadia, Bar Harbor), for a working fishing harbor check out Bass Harbor from the Bernard side in late afternoon. We have Bass Harbor Lighthouse near there but it is often extremely busy, especially at sunset. Hadlock Falls is lovely and can be viewed through the arch of a stone bridge, outside of spring though it needs a good rainfall to get it flowing. For seascapes Ocean Drive between Sand Beach and Otter Point is ideal. Check every little path off the main trail to find hidden views. Don't ignore the section between Otter Cliffs and Otter Point.