Headed to New Mexico for International Dark Skies week!


I am headed out to New Mexico to shoot the milky way! One of the keys to milky way shooting is completely dark and clear skies. Utah, Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico are ideal. For this trip, I will be exploring a variety of sites for Panoramic milky way shots including Shiprock, Bisiti Badlands, Organ Mountains, Aztec ruins, Taos, Very Large Array, White Sands and maybe drift up into the Grand Sand Dunes of Colorado.

For the first time I will be using a star tracker to try and capture the milky way. Normally, I use ISO 3200, 15 sec, unstacked. With the Move shoot Move star tracker, I will be experimenting to see if tracking, stacking or single frames at high ISO and denoise is the best way to capture the Milky Way Panoramas I envision.

Stay tuned for lessons learned!