Home Design Ideas - Wall Decorating with Fine Art Photography

There are so many ways to decorate your home or office space with fine art photography! Here are a few examples to get the ideas flowing.

Select Photos with Colors that Match Your Room

Hanging a photo because it looks pretty is one thing, but choosing a specific photo to match the color palette in a room can make a huge difference. This photo of the Wagner Falls in Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore has some wonderful earth tones that go well with the atmosphere and decor of the room.

Untitled photo

Vibrant Colors Stand Out on Bright White Walls

The blue, green and orange on this photo of a Yellowstone hot spring are very vibrant on a white wall. Vibrant images like this are best displayed in a well lit room. Note how the orange in the spring matches the bench.

Untitled photo

Cool Color Tones Help Set the Mood

This photo of Lake Superior in Minnesota has a calming cool color palette. A perfect addition to a waiting room or an office with natural light.

Untitled photo