Artist statement - Dave Hall

With a smart phone in every pocket the landscape (pun intended) of photography has changed for both good and for ill. The emphasis on snapping selfies and blithely moving on suggests we may be neglecting the totality of the experience; the feeling, the mood of the place. This is, in part, because we are limited to the 4:3 perspective (old films and TVs) established in 1892 by Thomas Edison. This perspective rarely fully captures the emotion of the moment.

With my photography of unique perspective, I want the viewer to feel the wind on their face, experience the golden light as the sun sets and confront the oneness with the surroundings. My goal is to capture the present moment with a unique perspective that embodies a singular experience .

As you look at each of my photographs, imagine you are there, in the moment, basking in warmth of the light, immersed in the breadth of the scene, with the wind on your face.

About the Photographer

As a child my parents packed my sister and I up and we camped our way across the country. Over the years, we explored all lower 48 states. On each camping trip, I admired my dad always taking photographs. My first camera was a polaroid and I went nuts taking pictures of our pets from any and every angle. As a teenager I got my first film camera and started taking photos along side my dad who was quite interested in landscapes and people. My first SLR was a Canon Elan II. In graduate school at UW-Madison, I started taking photography classes from Gene Staver who polished my eye for composition, got me thinking about selling my photography and started my on a quest to improve my camera equipment. I was lucky to travel to Europe several times to visit my sister playing basketball. I was inspired by the ancient cities of Europe and started taking photos. I got my first point and shoot digital camera in 1999 and began my quest to find and artistic style by shooting as many photos as possible. My day job is teaching biochemistry and that job has enabled me to travel to fantastic places every year.