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When the Cows Come Home

When the Cows Come Home

Dotting the Wisconsin landscape, charming barns rise from the rolling hills and and fertile fields of grain.

As you look at my photographs, imagine you are there, in the moment, warmth of the light, breadth of the scene and wind on your face!

I am a landscape photographer located in Appleton, Wisconsin. My work consists of  landscapes,  panoramas and art inspired images of objects you look at closely. Images of waterfalls, canyons and beautiful beaches are just a few of the amazing landscape photography scenes that I come across during my travels.

Browse my galleries of photography from around the world!  I want you to feel the golden light as the sun sets and the oneness with your surroundings. Fine art prints in canvas and aluminum are available to decorate the walls of your home and office. Inquire about limited edition prints.

Thank you for looking! - Dave